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What We Offer:

Our Founder:

Anna M. Gilliam is the President Director and CEO. She is also a entrepreneur, and parent. Her passion is to help Single parents reach their full potential by providing time and help while these women reach their goals.










                                                        Our Core Values:

Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior, and value transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships, and actions.

Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work and for the commitments we make to our donors, partners, participants, and each other.

Respect: We celebrate and value the diversity of everyone. We treat our donors, participants, partners, and each other with respect and sensitivity.

Creativity: We go beyond traditional ideas and advances so new possibilities and innovation can flourish to ensure real and lasting positive change.

About Our Organization:

Raising Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides Single parents in urban and underdeveloped communities financial help specifically for household expenses such as rent, utilities, childcare and food.

When provide these parents with funds, we hope it allows them to become financially comfortable without the need for multiple jobs, and to allow them the time to pursue education and/or other avenues of become financially free from multiple jobs and to allow them to spend more time with their impressionable children.

We hope to break the cycle of property in the urban and underdeveloped communities, one parent at a time. As women are the heart and soul of every community!

Our Mission:

The mission of The Raising Hope Foundation is to provide single parents in urban and underdeveloped neighborhoods with education, financial support and other avenues, so they can achieve financial stability and independence.